If I pay property taxes will I receive a bill?

Yes. In order to keep the property tax mill levy as low as possible all patients utilizing ambulance transport are billed for services provided in accordance with recognized standards.

Do you bill insurance?

Yes, as a courtesy we bill all insurance providers including but not limited to private insurance providers and government-based insurance such as Medicare, Medicaid, VA, and Tri-Care. We are non-network providers for all private insurance companies.

Medicare & Medicaid

We are a Medicare & Medicaid provider. NOTE: Federal law prohibits the routine waiver of co-pays for services covered by Medicare or Medicaid.

Private Insurance

The amount paid by your insurance company will depend on your policy, deductibles, and the insurance company’s standardized fee structure for services. Please take a moment to read the “Explanation of Benefits (EOB)” from your insurance company when you receive it in the mail. The EOB will explain what amount was paid by insurance for emergency medical services provided. Any amount remaining after the insurance payment will be reflected on your next billing statement. Any amount not paid by your insurance company is your responsibility.

Most insurance companies will mail their payments directly to us to apply to your bill. Some mail their payments to you the patient. Please endorse the check and mail it to us or deposit this check and write a check to us for the total amount due. Any amount not paid to us by your insurance is your responsibility.

I do not have insurance. What are my options?

If you do not have insurance coverage for ambulance transportation, payment is your responsibility. Click on the Affordable Care Act link below for information on how you can get health insurance for yourself or your family.

If you are having difficulties paying your bill we are prepared to work with you to set up a monthly payment schedule or make other payment arrangements.

Need assistance or have a question about a bill?

For invoices after 10/31/2021: Captivate Billing at (720) 900-0101 or (844) 821-0101 / Email:

For invoices prior to 11/1/2021 please contact our office at 719-836-2055, extension 5  /  Email:


May I pay my bill with a credit card?

Yes, we accept VISA and MasterCard.