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Phase 1 Concept Renderings of the New Sub-stations

November 2019

Here are preliminary, 1st concept, drawings of the two new sub-stations

  • The buildings are designed to initially house one full-time crew with a 1st out ambulance and a reserve ambulance. The plans allow for two crews to be housed in the buildings. There is space for a treatment room for “walk-in” patients and for future use by our planned Community Paramedic (CP) program. The CP program looks forward to working closely with the South Park Health Care clinic in Fairplay. Solar, wind power and other energy efficient technologies are planned for.

October 2019

  • The Board of Directors have hired the esteemed architectural firm Davis Partnership to design the two new sub-stations. Davis Partnership designed our current headquarters station. We are in the final phases of acquiring land in Hartsel. We are in the process of examining land options along US 285 in the Jefferson-Como area of the District. Soon, we will begin to upload draft design drawings to this site.


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